Static Part

HTML Markup ( Tags, Attributes and Elements )
Basic Web Page, HTML Text , Unordered lists, Ordered lists
Nested lists, Definition lists.
HTML Links , Images , Tables, Block And Inline Elements
Form Elements , HTML5 Semantic Elements, HTML5 Multimedia
CSS, CSS3, HTML Elements Tree
Measurement Units, CSS Selectors
CSS Pseudo Classes, Box Model
Text Formatting, Positions , Overflow, Floats
Backgrounds, Transforms, Animations
Style Navigation and Main Content
Style Video And Google Map Sections
Make website responsive
What is Framework? How to use Bootstrap and others
Photoshop, PSD To HTML Conversion
Javascript Introduction, Syntex
Statements, Variables, Operators
Data Types, Functions, Object, Methods
Introduction and Loading JQuery
JQuery UI Introduction
jQuery Events, jQuery Effects
Usage of jQuery Plugin
Complete Responsive Website

Text Exam & Freelancing Class

Dynamic Part

Server Install, PHP Syntax,
Variables, echo and print Statements
Data Types, Constants, Operators,
if…else…elseif, Loop, Functions, Array
Form Handling, Validation, Complete
Why We will learn WordPress?
Install WordPress Manually, WordPress Defaults
Change Theme and Modify Homepage
Customize Navigation, Header and Footer
Categories and Category Navigation
Tags and Tag Navigation
Customize Interior Pages, Breadcrumb and Sidebar
Post Formats and Finishing Up
Site Migration using Plugins & Manually
How to Update Live Site
Why Premium Themes? How to Use, Customize & Create Live Site
Premium Plugins and Customization
How to convert HTML Site into wordpress
Create a WordPress Theme, Theme Development Standards
Theme Style, Functions, Templates
Convert Your Static Header to a Dynamic Header
Cover Your Assets (Adding Your Styles, Scripts, Fonts & Images)
Clean Up Your Stylesheet & Modify Your CSS for WordPress
Convert Your Static Footer to a Dynamic Footer
Create a Home Page WordPress Template
Advanced Custom Fields
Sidebar Register, Search Form, Pagination, 404 page
Theme Option, Meta Box
Custom Widget Development
Ecommerce by Woo-commerce and Customize
Woo-commerce Integrate with your own theme
Develop Shop, Cart, Product, Login / Register Page

Freelancing Class

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