Introduction to Android app Development Carrier

Introduction to Java,
Setup java IDE,
Discuss syntics,object,classes
Java L-1 (loop & array)
Java OOP Part-2
Java OOP Part-3
Java OOP Part-4
Java OOP Part-5

Introduction to Android App Development

Environment Setup
Create First Android App
Building UI
Views,Layout, & common UI,
Advanced UI
List View,GridView, CardView, Spinner,Menu
MaterialDesign(Basic Material Design) Part-1
Material Design Part-2
Navigation Drawer, Fragment
Material Design Part-3
Floing action button, Swipe refresh
Data Storage
Shared preferences, SQLite Database
Connecting Server
Into PHP, GET & Post Method,
JSON Object & Array Idea, Retrofit Library


Multimedia supported audio,
Paying Video, Media playback
Playing media in background services


Implement Services,
Services Lifecycle,
AIDL Services

Broad Cast Receiver

Sending broadcast,
Discuss Broadcast action,category,data

Web Services & WebView

Using webview
Receiving HTTP Response(XML/JSON),
Parsing JSON/XML

Content Providers

Creating content providers,
Working with content providers,
Access Build content provider,
Add, change, remove content provider

Location Based Service MAP

Working with Google map,
Use location based service,
Finding current location and listening for changes in location
Firebase/Audience Network ads implement in apps
Publishing & Distributing android apps
Apps Marketing Tips & Tricks
Introduction of freelancing marketplace
How to get android based project from marketplace.

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